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 Solve as many word puzzles as you can while trying to outfox the den keepers. Exclusively at TripleClicks.


Brain Sprint

• Correctly answer trivia questions as fast as you can. Don't trip on your frontal lobe on your way to the finish line!


 It's not your grandfather's poker! Exclusively at TripleClicks.
• Put together winning poker hands to win free prizes, badges, and more!



• It's Blackjack...with a kick! Exclusively at TripleClicks.
• Put together winning hands to earn badges, prizes, and leaderboard spots!


Card King

This game is going to give your brainpower a little challenge! Using a standard 52-card deck, with Kings being high, guess if the next card dealt to you will be higher or lower than the previous card.


Pick winning teams and maximize your score by strategically assigning "confidence points"


Gold Streak

• Build a streak of correctly-answered survey questions.
• Compete for the top spots on the Gold Streak leaderboards and earn cool badges, too.


Correctly predict the answer to a coming event to win a share of the Time Machine Zackpot.


Knockout Trivia

• Outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions to win free Daily Crown drawing entries.
• No purchase necessary to enter or win. 

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